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Watch: Divock Origi Rubs Salt In The Wound, Makes It 4-0 To Liverpool

Ok now y’all are just being mean

Seriously though, as soon as I crank one of these posts out Liverpool score AGAIN. For all I know it’s going to be 5-0 by the time I hit “publish”!

Not that I’m complaining, mind you.

West Ham seem to have completely crumbled. In the wake of yet more defensive fragility, Divock Origi took advantage of fumbling in the goal mouth and tucked this cheeky little goal into the near post. Not the most stunning goal you’ll ever see, but entirely fun all the same.

Liverpool are up 4-0 now with roughly ten minutes to go (at press time). I never want to say we can relax now, but I think we can ratchet down the anxiety a bit at this point!

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