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Watch: Liverpool Fan Bikes 10,000 Miles to Anfield

Plane, train, or automobile? Try a bike ride across two continents and eight time zones to get to Anfield.

Most Liverpool fans from further afield than Bootle or Birkenhead are looking at a substantial trip on public transport if they want to get themselves to Anfield. Unless, that is, you’re one adventurous South Korean supporter, who skipped the bus, train, and plane options in favour of a 10,000 mile bike ride.

It won’t have all been pedal powered, perhaps—there’s a shot of some Dutch windmills near the end of his journey pointing to at least one unavoidable ferry ride, and it’s likely he started off detouring North Korea with by hopping on a ferry to Vladivostok—but any way you come at it, that’s an awful lot of time and energy invested.

And when he arrived, just in time for the recent match against Chelsea, he was unable to secure a ticket. The club, though, heard about his trip and sorted him out for tomorrow’s match against Tottenham. Hopefully, they can follow that up by getting the right result. Ten thousand miles has to be worth a win at least.

Beautiful Game - Liverpool fan

How far would you go to see your favorite club? This fan biked for 235 days...

Posted by KICK on Friday, February 3, 2017

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