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Watch: Sadio Mane’s Far Post Header Doubles Liverpool’s Lead

Set Pieces Are Good, Actually!

It used to be that corner kicks— all set pieces, really— were a source of fear and doubt for Liverpool fans. Not today, it seems!

Almost 20 minutes after Roberto Firmino opened the scoring for Liverpool with a goal scored at the far post off of a corner kick, Sadio Mane decided he wanted in on the action too.

As with the first goal, Philippe Coutinho took the corner kick. The ball ended up floating toward the far post. This time, Mane rose to head the ball in, sending it sailing past the goalkeeper and into the bottom corner of the net.

Liverpool are now up 2-0 and it’s still pretty early in the first half. A lot can happen over the next hour and change, but the knockout rounds are starting to come into focus over the horizon.

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