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Watch: Mohamed Salah’s Gorgeous Goal Gives Liverpool The Lead

I have no words

Look I’ve been beating the Mohamed Salah drum all season and I’m sure some of you are fed up.

But guys. Guys.

He’s so good.

Half an hour into what had been kind of a boring game, Salah got the ball outside the box. With the distance, the angle, and number and position of Southampton defenders, it didn’t look like a particularly tempting spot to try for goal.

Salah obviously didn’t see it that way!

He hit this just, like, inch-perfect shot that lifted over the visiting defenders and curled past Fraser Forster, sailing inside the far post and bulging the back of the net.

It’s just. He’s so good. So so good. My heart soars

Liverpool are now up 1-0 with the first half starting to wind down. The game’s not over yet by a long shot, but Reds fans undoubtedly feel much better about things now.

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