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Watch: Salah Makes The Breakthrough VS Maribor


Is there anything more joyful than a Mohamed Salah goal? I doubt it, tbh.

In a reversal of fortune from their last Champions League meeting a few weeks ago, Liverpool came out of the tunnel at the end of halftime having not scored against Maribor. The visitors, desperate to avoid a repeat of their 7-0 defeat at home, packed themselves deep and resolved to grind out a draw by any means necessary.

And for the first half, it worked.

But early in the second half, Liverpool made a break in the wall. Trent Alexander-Arnold sent in a gorgeous cross into the box, and Mohamed Salah managed to squeeze past his defender just far enough to get a flick on it. Salah managed to send the ball past the Maribor keeper and into the back of the net for Liverpool’s opening goal.