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Watch: Daniel Sturridge Gets Liverpool On The Board

I love you D-Studge don’t ever leave us

Gosh. You go without something for so long and you just kind of learn to live without it. Life is darker and sadder, but you find a way to keep going. And then you get the thing back, and you just don’t know how you lived without it.

That’s how I feel about Daniel Sturridge scoring goals.

D-Studge started for Liverpool against Huddersfield Town and there was some... skepticism in some parts of Liverpool fandom. He hasn’t quite regained the magic he had in 2013-14, to be sure, and there were worries that his goal drought would continue through today.

But it didn’t! We got some Vintage Sturridge today! With a ball sent over the top and into the box, Sturridge shook his defenders and managed to get one on one with the Huddersfield goalkeeper. He side-footed a chip over the keeper, sending the ball inside the far post and into the net.

Good to have you back, Daniel!

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