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Watch: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain Makes It Six For Liverpool

We need two hands to count the goals now!

You get a goal! And YOU get a goal! Everybody gets a goal!

With more than half an hour gone since Roberto Firmino put Liverpool up 5-0 over Maribor in the Champions League, it seemed like things were settling down a bit. We thought maybe Liverpool were content with how things stood and were ready to sit back and see the game out.

We were wrong.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, who replaced Mohamed Salah earlier in the second half, clearly felt he would be remiss if he didn’t put his own stamp on the game. Leading a 2-on-3 counterattack, Ox broke through the defensive line just in time to receive a throughball from Daniel Sturridge. Leaving his opposing defenders in the dust, AOC got one-on-one with the keeper and only had to slot it past him. Which he did, comfortably.

Mmmmm I love the smell of goal difference in the morning.

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