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Watch: Salah Bundles In His Second And Liverpool’s Fourth VS Maribor


Is there anything more joyful than a Mohamed Salah goal? I dare you to come up with something.

After the goal explosion (or “goalsplosion,” as we say in the Scientific Community) in the first 20 minutes of Maribor v Liverpool in the Champions League that put the visitors up 3-0, there was an overriding sense that the Reds weren’t done quite yet. We did have to wait a little bit though, as Goal #4 didn’t come until the 40th minute. We hope you were able to weather the boredom and uncertainty.

So, okay, this isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing goal on the night. Pretty much, Liverpool crashed the box and Salah forced the ball over the line with his body.

But it still counts! And it’s still Mo Salah doing fun things! I’ll take it all dang day.

Gosh, all this goalscoring is exhausting. And I’m not even playing!

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