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EA Sports don’t seem to be happy with Liverpool

It’s probably PES-related

Aston Villa v West Ham United - Barclays Premier League Photo by Clint Hughes/Getty Images

The football video game wars are heating up. For years EA Sports’ FIFA has been go-to series for fans of virtual gaming action on the pitch. Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer has made a comeback in recent years and has emerged as a real threat to EA’s once presumed monopoly on the genre.

Liverpool made news earlier this year by announcing that it has signed a deal with Konami to allow them to use their club’s merchandising and logo in the game. Not only that, but they even launched a “global partnership” that includes working together on promotional material.

EA Sports doesn’t seem to pleased with their decision...

EA partnered with the Premier League to release club team-themed covers for FIFA 17. 19 clubs are represented in the collection. I’ll let you figure out which one club is missing.

It couldn’t be rights issue seeing as how Liverpool are in FIFA 17 with the proper logos and names. Perhaps it’s just EA being spiteful that Liverpool chose to partner with Konami?

It wouldn’t be the first time they’ve treated such betrayals this way. Lionel Messi was downgraded in the game this year after his agreement to be a spokesperson with the company expired.

Video games. It’s a serious business, apparently...

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