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Liverpool Legends Achieve Peak Banter, Destroy Reds Bust on Twitter

It’s almost enough to make you feel bad for Charlie Adam.

Once upon a time, in the wayback world of 2006, Liverpool star Xabi Alonso scored a goal from his own half against Newcastle. It’s the stuff of legends amongst Liverpool fans. A moment even those who didn’t see it at the time can just about remember as though they had, having watched it so many times since.

And when the club took the chance to celebrate its ten year anniversary, it became a chance to reminisce for the players. And to take a poke at another Liverpool player, one not quite so fondly remembered as Alonso but one you could easily imagine trying to score a similarly audacious goal—though likely without the goal at the end.

Right. So. Ouch, Charlie. Poor play and his arrival displacing three better players—Raul Meireles was forced out, Jordan Henderson was forced to the wing, and then Jordan Henderson being forced to the wing forced out fan favourite Dirk Kuyt—aside, you could just about feel bad for the guy after an exchange like that.

Is it too done at this point for us to photoshop a Crying Jordan head onto Charlie Adam’s body?

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