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Alberto Moreno shows off new Messi-esque hairstyle

Blond is better

Alberto Moreno is supporting a brand new hairstyle that we’ve seen sweep the footballing world. Back in the summer, Lionel Messi dyed his hair blond sending everyone into shock. Later, his Barcelona teammate, Neymar, followed suite.

The Liverpool full-back is the latest to go blond as he posted his new look on social media on Wedneday:

This short-haired, blond style in in stark contrast to his "man bun" look he’s supported over the past year or so. He showcased his chopped off ponytail to the world after getting his new style completed:

It’s been a struggle for playing time for the Spaniard this season as he’s fell into a substitutes role in two of the three matches he’s played in so far. Perhaps a new look will inspire the confidence he needs to regain his starting position in Jurgen Klopp’s setup.

It hasn’t hurt Messi or Neymar’s form at all, hopefully it can help Moreno out a bit...

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