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WATCH: Marko Grujic's impossible header adds to Barcelona's embarrassment

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Liverpool have beaten Barcelona by the astounding scoreline of 4-0 in the International Champions Cup preseason tournament. Two early second half goals put the match out of reach for Liverpool. In stoppage time, a great scoreline got even more impressive with one of the best headed goals you'll ever see by Marko Grujic:

via r/Soccer

Grujic has had a fantastic preseason for Liverpool and has seemingly earned his place within the team as the Premier League season approaches. This goal was simply amazing and it capped off a brilliant performance against one of the best teams in the world.

Divock Origi was impactful from the moment he stepped on the pitch at halftime. His hold up play started the move, with Markovic floating a ball over to Grujic. He snapped a floated header over the leaping Claudio Bravo for a sensational way to end a beautiful day of football. It's now onto the Premier League where Liverpool will becoming in as hot as possible.