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Jürgen Klopp Doesn't Understand Why People Watch Baseball

Like most people who aren't from the United States, Liverpool's manager has “no idea why so many people in America watch it.”

Jürgen Klopp can be one of the most entertainingly open managers in football, and so on paper, getting a bunch of kids together to ask the Liverpool manager questions seems like pretty much the best idea ever for the latest instalment of Kop Kids—or maybe Klopp Kids.

He doesn’t disappoint. And not just because he accepts the challenge to do a hilariously awkward interpretation of Daniel Sturridge’s arm-flapping goal celebration dance. Though that certainly is a highlight. Just not the only one, as Klopp touches on everything from pets to favourite players.

In other Klopp Kids facts, the charismatic German is a fan of naps and took the time to reassure one concerned child that, no, nobody was going to get sent to stay at Alcatraz forever and always if they misbehaved. Plus, for those wondering what other sports he likes, the answer is basketball.

Baseball, on the other hand? Baseball he doesn’t understand, and he told the children a game of baseball was on his American bucket list because he has "no idea why so many people in America watch it" and getting the feel for the game live might help him to figure that out.

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