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This is an absolutely world-class finish by Divock Origi

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It took Liverpool exactly an hour to break the deadlock in their preseason International Champions Cup friendly against AC Milan. Divock Origi was the guy to do it and he did it in sensational fashion. Here's his brilliant individual effort and top class finish:

via r/Soccer

After collecting possession on the left side of the 18-yard box, the Belgian cut inside and curled a perfect finish past the Milan goalkeeper and into the back of the net for a fantastic goal. You just won't find many finishes better than this one. It's a shame you can't say the same about these neon yellow kits...

Origi came on strong to finish last season. He ended the year with 11 goals in all competitions and he looks like he's ready to pick up right where he left off and become a serious goal threat for Liverpool. Can he form a partnership with Daniel Sturridge and become the strike partnership the club has been looking for?