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Mamadou Sakho Gives You a Tour of Alcatraz (and Alberto Moreno Plays Pokemon Go)

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With Liverpool's pre-season games put on pause this weekend while the Reds adjust to another timezone and get settled in for their too brief tour of the United States, the players got the chance to spend the past few days in San Francisco splitting their time between training and playing tourist.

And when it came to the tourist half of that equation, Mamadou Sakho came equipped with camera and the usual Sakho style and charm to give fans a tour of Alcatraz—not to mention a few insights into the current Liverpool squad. Like that Alberto Moreno plays Pokemon Go because of course Alberto Moreno plays Pokemon Go.

Plus there’s the part where Daniel Sturridge might be moonlighting as a cameraman to make ends meet. And that Sakho almost missed the team’s flight to America and Jürgen Klopp jokingly threatened to leave him at Alcatraz because of it. It’s good times. I mean, as long as they didn’t actually leave Sakho behind at Alcatraz…