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Coutinho and Firmino Get Locked Up

Don't worry, Phil, Alberto's there to make soothing whirring noises.

Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC

Having headed to the San Francisco bay area to continue their pre-season preparations ahead of three warm-up friendlies in the United States, Liverpool took the afternoon off to play tourist. And as one does when playing tourist in San Francisco, the first thing they did was head to Alcatraz.

As documented by club photographer Andrew Powell, you've got Jürgen Klopp listening to an audio guide, Mamadou Sakho practicing his social media game, Lazar Markovic looking just a bit too cool lounging around The Rock in an orange jumpsuit, and HOLY CRAP IT'S PHIL AND ROBERTO AND ALBERTO BEHIND BARS.

Ahem. But seriously. Phil and Roberto and Alberto behind bars. Just that one picture makes the whole trip a smashing success in our books. Plus there's the obvious joke about keeping Phil there until September 1st just in case Barcelona decide Andre Gomes won't tide them over and come sniffing around Liverpool's unicorn.

Or there's the obvious joke about Alberto Moreno making soothing whirring noises and blowing on Phil. Because of the bit in Liverpool's hotel rider where the club's number ten is meant to always get a fan in his room. And because if there's one player on the squad you'd count on to do something like pretending he was a fan, it's Moreno.

So. Jokes. There are lots of them. And also a glorious picture to help tide you over until Liverpool face Chelsea on Wednesday evening from the Rose Bowl.

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