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Liverpool Hotel Requirements for 2016-17 Leaked

"Please ensure Jordan Henderson and Adam Lallana have bedrooms next to each other"

When dealing with sports teams, musicians, or actors on a press tour there will always be a list of requirements. For hotels, venues, transport. Often called a "rider," these documents outline what is expected of the venue, be it food or room type or any other demands.

Now, Liverpool’s list of hotel requirements for any place they will stay while on the road during the 2016-17 season has been leaked. And, for the most part, it’s a fairly low key affair. Keep the players’ rooms on the same floor. Give them non-smoking rooms with double beds. Make sure they know the WiFi password.

However, there are a few fun tidbits. For one thing, there’s an exception to the non-smoking room rule—Jürgen Klopp’s room. Klopp isn’t a heavy smoker, he has been pictured occasionally having one with a beer while out on the town, and it looks like he wants that option at the hotel should things get especially stressful.

There’s also the fun fact that Adam Lallana and Jordan Henderson be roomed next to each other. Besties for life. And, in case anyone forgot or didn’t know, for home matches and training, the English duo carpool. Meanwhile, Philippe Coutinho would rather appreciate it if the hotel could ensure there is a fan in his room.

To the list of hotel requirements in full, then…

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