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LeBron James offers his services to Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp

RUMOR ALERT! LeBron James to Liverpool!

Okay, not really. But, the NBA superstar did take to his official Facebook page and wish his club (he owns a small stake in LFC) well on their preseason tour of the United States and jokingly offered to play for them.

While he's joking, how cool would it be to see him actually play a few minutes? The running joke around the American soccer scene for years has been "What if our best athletes played soccer? -- LeBron James playing for Liverpool would set the soccer world on fire with attention from all over. Of course it's never going to happen because he has a contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers and they wouldn't be too happy at all if he got hurt. But let us dream!

Imagine if he did get to play. Which position would he be best at? Some say he'd be a good goalkeeper, but I'm not sure his pure athleticism would be able to mask the reaction time he'd need. He looks more like a target man to me. What say you?

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