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Watch: Adam Lallana & Jordan Henderson, BFFs

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Liverpool's Adam Lallana and Jordan Henderson are neighbours. They carpool to training. Their friends and family watch games at Anfield in a box the two players share. So it's no surprise that, when called up to play for England, the two are also roommates.

And it's really no surprise that somebody on the England media team took note of their friendship and decided they should do up a five questions bit with each player trying to answer things about the other. Like which country the other made their international debut against, which famous person they'd most like to meet, and what their TV guilty pleasure is and we're just gonna call it here and say Adam Lallana has better taste and BE ASHAMED, JORDAN.

Lallana also does far better at knowing Henderson's five than vice versa. Which is either the sign of a horribly lopsided BFF situation that gives us the sads or just means they really should have asked him stat questions given how quickly he rattles off the details of Lallana's goal return. We'll go with the latter.