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Martin Skrtel blames friend for anti-Jurgen Klopp comments

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Yesterday we learned of a "controversial" incident involving Martin Skrtel, Jurgen Klopp and Instagram. Where apparently the Liverpool defender may or may not have called his current manager a "dickhead" on the social media platform in a post.

Today the center back responded to the incident by admitting that it was in fact a friend who operates his social media accounts because he's so busy with football and other activities. He clarified that his opinion does not reflect that of his friend's even if it appeared on his account.


A photo posted by Martin Skrtel official (@martin37skrtel) on

This is one way to go about covering up the incident. Some athletes use the "I was hacked" excuse that makes them look ridiculous when they say something they shouldn't have. The old "it was my social media manager/friend" is a smart excuse because we know that most of the popular accounts out there are run by someone other than the person they are portraying.

And if you didn't know about this fact, welcome to the real world. Your favorite athlete, actor, or musician's twitter or instagram account is usually run by someone they pay to keep them out of trouble. Apparently Martin needs to reassess who he gives permission to his accounts.