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Martin Skrtel Either Did or Didn’t Call Jürgen Klopp a D*ckhead on the Internet

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Social media can a wonderful thing, allowing people the world over to share and engage. To, at its best, bend the moral arc of the universe ever so slightly towards justice. It can also be the place where brands try to sell you on crap you don’t want and people engage in awful banter and send dick pics.

As it is for the rest of us, so to is it for athletes. Who mostly use it to say bland crap nobody cares about but occasionally do something good with the platform and occasionally use it to send dick pics (hey there, Jonjo!). And who occasionally use it to engage in some #topbantz when they’d really be better off shutting up.

Queue images circulating today of Martin Skrtel getting a good laugh out of a friend of his on social media calling Jürgen Klopp a dickhead. Which, even if Skrtel is about to head to Fenerbahce, seems like the kind of thing that’s probably a bad idea and will only damage his reputation as he leaves the club.

Skrtel’s friend, pictured with him, says the soon to be former Liverpool defender is great—Skrtel je velky pan. He follows that up with a string of hashtags, the last of which is #KloppJeKKT, which is short for Klopp je kokot, which ends up as Klopp is a dickhead. Skrtel responds by saying posledny # je ⇧ :joy: :joy: :joy:

Once you know that posledny means last, je means is, and hashtag means hashtag, the rest rather falls into place. Skrtel then follows it up by saying he hopes Klopp sees what he’s said. The problem, though, is that nobody reliable has actually seen the the original post or replies, which have now all been removed.

Which means that right now it’s just a bunch of jerks on the internet talking about how somebody else may or may not have been a jerk on the internet and spinning it to fit their chosen narrative. Either way, at least you now know how to call somebody a dickhead in Slovak I guess.

Addendum: We have since been contacted by Liverpool fans from the Czech and Slovak community who saw the original posting and comments. Given athletes saying dumb things is hardly shocking and our only real reservation was based on how easy it would have been to mock up in Photoshop, we're inclined to believe this is very much a case of Martin Skrtel Did...