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Jamie Carragher met the Queen and used it to troll Manchester United

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The Queen of the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth II visited Liverpool today. Former Liverpool FC legend Jamie Carragher got a chance to meet and take a picture with her. He shared the shot on his instagram account, as you do in this day and age:

"Of course one watches MNF Jamie, it's much better without that man from Manchester!"

A photo posted by Jamie Carragher (@23_carra) on

He used the opportunity to throw out a joke at the expense of one of Liverpool's most bitter rivals, fomer Manchester United defender Gary Neville. Saying that Sky Sports' Monday Night Football program was a lot better since the United legend departed.

Neville and Carragher used to host the show together and were honestly great together. They even starred in a FIFA 15 commercial together as they were considered TV partners. Neville has always been a villain to Liverpool and their supporters from his time on the field in the center for the United-Liverpool rivalry. This is just proof that the rivalry will never die.