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Jürgen Klopp's Birthday Cake Will Give You Nightmares

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Today is Jurgen Klopp's birthday! Happy birthday to the Liverpool manager!

The club were so excited about the boss's birthday that they went out and designed an extravagant custom cake for Klopp on his special day. Liverpool spared no expense, going all-out with their nice gesture. They even documented the making of it on their social media accounts.

And while I know this was supposed to be a kind thing, the end product will likely haunt your dreams for weeks. Here's a video of it being built:

This looks more like a Halloween costume more than a birthday cake. If your children got a glimpse of this monster they wouldn't be able to sleep for months. Here is an extra creepy close-up shot:

No. Just no. But also yes. This cake is a worse decision than buying Andy Carroll was. And a better one than buying Luis Suarez. They should fire whoever came up with the idea to create the demon cake. And then give him a promotion.