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Jürgen Klopp Makes the Cut in FIFA 17

It’s the briefest of moments in a trailer otherwise focused on a narrative career mode—and hopefully once the actual game arrives you’ll be able to play as someone other than not-Marcus Rashford, boyhood Manchester United fan—but for Liverpool fans looking for their fix in the latest edition of FIFA, there was one brief moment of Kloppy goodness.

In a second-long respite from wall-to-wall United, Liverpool’s manager makes an appearance. Beard? Check. Glasses? Check. Track top? Check. Fist Pump? Check. Though, really, we were hoping for a hug. And we’re still hoping that Klopp hugs make the final cut. In fact, whether Klopp hugs are a selectable celebration after scoring may just decide if we buy FIFA 17.

After a more measured, tactical approach to FIFA 16, the next edition is expected to embrace a more arcade feel to appeal to the eSports community. It will also—just in case the whole trailer showing you playing through a narrative as not-Marcus Rashford, boyhood Manchester United fan didn’t make it clear—mark FIFA’s first attempt at a story-driven career mode. The game releases on September 27th.

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