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Luis Suarez Details How Great of a Leader Kolo Toure Is

Guy Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Today is a somber day in Liverpool land. It's been reported that Kolo Toure will be released by the club after four years. The fans' relationship with the Ivorian has been a complicated one. Was he the best player to ever play for the club? No. But it didn't matter. He was Liverpool's lovable leader and he won over the fans' hearts anyways.

Kolo's leadership was never more apparent than in 2014 during Liverpool's run at the Premier League title. Against Crystal Palace, the Reds all but lost their title hopes by blowing a 3-goal lead with 11 minutes remaining...blah blah know the story already.

Anyways, the club's superstar at the time, Luis Suarez, was especially gutted by the tragic turn of events. So much so that he couldn't even collect himself enough to get back to the dressing rooms. Here he is talking about how it was Kolo Toure who helped him throughout the ordeal and was the rock that he leaned on in a very dark time.

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This moment just goes to show you how important of a figure Toure is/was in the Liverpool dressing room. Obviously time must march on and the club have good reasons for their decision, but Kolo will definitely be missed.