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Watch: Two Brothers, Two Clubs, One City

How the Merseyside Derby can split family allegiances

Before last month's edition of the Merseyside Derby, we gave you a glimpse inside the rivalry. One city divided into red and blue. Liverpool went on to anhiliate Everton in that match. Here is a conclusion to that story featuring two brothers who are on the opposite ends of the rivalry.

This video takes us to Anfield as Liverpool beat Everton, 4-0. It was an electric match and atmosphere. On this night, the red half of Liverpool came out on top while the blue half feel the misery of losing such an important match. Obviously this is one of the biggest rivalries in the world, but thankfully both sides seem to be able to keep it reasonably civil.

While football is basically life, it's not important enough to break apart family. It's always key to remember that family comes first even in the bitterness that is the Merseyside Derby.

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