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Book passage reveals Jurgen Klopp is not a fan of Mario Balotelli's antics

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Jurgen Klopp is full of memorable quotes and sound bites. He says wacky, crazy, brilliant, and cheeky things all the time. Most of them are fun, but one book quote from his past has been unearthed and it hits a little close to home.

Redditor /u/guanjie found this little-known book passage about Liverpool-owned/AC Milan player Mario Balotelli:

Source: imgur

This passage about Balotelli, which is believed to come from a biography by Elmar Neveling titled "Jurgen Klopp,"basically says that the controversial striker will never be welcomed onto a team that he manages after the stunts that he's pulled.

Obviously things could change as time passes and personal interactions happen, but the message in this particular book is clear for all to see. Mario Balotelli will not be welcome on a Jurgen Klopp managed team. This could make for an awkward summer with Balotelli returning to Liverpool from his AC Milan loan. Hopefully a resolution is found in a swift and uneventful manner.

H/T /r/LiverpoolFC

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