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Watch: A Perfect Tribute to Hillsborough

Earlier this week, after 27 years of injustice, a jury finally ruled that the 96 Liverpool supporters who tragically passed away at Hillsborough in 1989 were victims of a preventable tragedy. Finally, there is truth after years of despicable actions by those who attempted to shift blame for the tragedy to the victims.

To this day, emotions run high anytime Hillsborough is mentioned. It is without a doubt one of the saddest days and events in the history of not just Liverpool or football, but of sport. Liverpool fans have fought for justice for the 96 victims and their families for years and finally have been rewarded for their neverending spirit and efforts.

LFCTV put together this amazing tribute video on Wednesday. It highlights the passion and diligence of supporters and the families of the victims in making sure the issue stayed in the minds of the fans every where and fought to rectify the miscarriage of justice. The video is nothing but images of tributes and emotional times with a harrowing soundtrack. No words are spoken, because no words are needed.

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