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Tasteless joke about Liverpool fan in wheelchair proven false

Yesterday's unbelievably thrilling comeback win by Liverpool at Anfield that knocked Borussia Dortmund out of the Europa League was stuff that dreams are made of. After the match a slightly humorous post of what appeared to be a Liverpool fan in a wheelchair jumping up and celebrating went viral all over social media. Here is one such post:

This piqued our interest here at TLO. We had to investigate further. Sure there are many reasons that someone in a wheelchair could celebrate like this, but it's just odd.

While reviewing the footage in a clearer manner other than a grainy video on Twitter, it appears as if the faux outrage/hilarity was for nought as this gif shows:

Someone sitting next to the person in the wheelchair is actually the one celebrating. Nothing abnormal here. Tweets and videos are funny, but it's always smart to make sure you know what's going on. The special section of seating is for disabled patrons but obviously, they have their family sitting with them. Think twice before you click the retweet button on a "funny" tweet.

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