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Liverpool Fan’s Lost Phone Returned with Sakho Selfie

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

When is a selfie not just a selfie? When Mamadou Sakho takes it after a stirring, unlikely, ridiculous 4-3 victory over Borussia Dortmund that puts Liverpool into the semi-finals of the Europa League and snaps one with a phone he found lying on the pitch, apparently.

After last night’s match, a press photo of Sakho holding a phone to take a selfie of himself and teammate Divock Origi got fairly wide play—it’s the one up above attached to this story. Chances are it even made a few unhappy people mutter something about the kids and their sefies and social media and the Beats headphones.

But it wasn’t his phone. It was a phone that he picked up off the pitch. A phone that had gone sailing out of the hand of a Liverpool fan as he celebrated. A phone that said fan then got back afterwards only to find that THERE WAS A BLURY PICTURE OF MAMADOU SAKHO AND DIVOCK ORIGI ON IT.

Ahem. Sorry about the yelling. But if any story deserved a bit of yelling, this might be it. So. About that selfie…

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