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Liverpool Fan Danny Willett Cost Mister Alex Ferguson £8,000 with Masters Victory

It's well-known by now that 2016 Masters Champion, Danny Willett, is a big time Liverpool supporter. After winning the green jacket, he ran into former Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson and the two have a very humorous conversation.

Ferguson told Willett when the two crossed paths that he'd bet €8,000 on Jordan Spieth winning the Masters and basically ruined his wager. Willett thought that was hilarious and laughed right in his face. You know deep down it had to feel good to cost one of the most popular figures of Manchester United some money.

Losing Ferguson to retirement has seen Manchester United go into an ugly downward spiral as a club. And it turns out that life after football (at least in the betting realm) isn't going too well for the legendary manager, either.

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