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Jurgen Klopp vs. this microphone is a better rivalry than El Clasico

Hey, topical humor!

Liverpool play Tottenham Hotspur tomorrow. While that's a pretty big match in the Premier League, there's also a little rivalry match called El Clasico happening on the same day. Sure Barcelona and Real Madrid are huge rivals, but we may have found an even bigger rivalry today that will trump that big match. Jurgen Klopp versus this microphone in today's pre-match press conference:

During his pre-match chat talking all things about the Reds' showdown with Spurs, the boss somehow knocked over a microphone and found it virtually impossible to fix it. Sort of like Real Madrid's back line trying to contain Messi, it just wasn't happening.

Poor Jurgen couldn't figure out what he'd done and just simply gave up on the whole thing by leaving it hanging there by his side. The poor media guy that put that there must be having a rough day. It'd be even funnier if someone missed the whole press conference because of it.

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