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This is Your Obligatory Luis Suarez Visits Liverpool Story

In case you missed it on the club’s official website or the Liverpool Echo, where it’s currently leading coverage, Luis Suarez has visited Melwood today. Which means you can mark down Tuesday, March 8th as the day this month when Liverpool fans get to spend all day talking about Luis Suarez.

Because Luis Suarez visited Melwood today. And maybe he let Jon Flanagan sip from his magic mate flask or showed James Milner how to take a free kick that doesn’t boringly thump into the first defender or gave Christian Benteke some diving tips. Like that if you’re going to dive, the defender really shouldn’t have made contact.

At this point it seems a near monthly occurrence, and so perhaps the club should just embrace that reality—and their clear desire to continue to trade off Suarez’ name—and pick an official obsesses over a player who spent four years at the club, did some stupid shit, then scored a whole lot in his final year dayLuis Suarez day.

But you’re not hear for us rolling our eyes. You’re here for Luis Suarez. At Liverpool. Courtesy of Mamadou Sakho, who all snark over the club and fanbase’s continuing obsession with a long-gone player aside, continues to be totally not awkward looking at all when it comes to his social media game.

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