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Joe Allen Lends His Celebrity Cred to Chicken & Egg Magazine

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If you guessed that it would be Joe Allen gracing the cover of a national UK magazine this week, you'd be right.

Joe Allen is many things, not least of which is a fan of fowl. His craze for cockerels first became known to Liverpool fans when his then girlfriend and now wife Lacey-Jo gifted him a rooster to join their family of four hens. Now, two years later, the results of that newsbite are coming home to roost as the British Hen Welfare Trust chose wee Joe to grace the cover of the twelfth issue of Chicken & Egg Magazine.

Allen is only the second human to secure the full cover of the BHWT's free quarterly magazine, beaten to the punch by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. Joe Allen: the UK's second most famous chicken lover. What a time to be alive.