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From Coutinho to Coutinho: Watch every goal Liverpool have scored so far this season

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It's been a rough season for Liverpool. There's just no way around it. A manager has been sacked. Injuries have piled up. A league cup final has been lost. And a 9th place position in the league table awaits the club when it returns to Premier League play.

Just because it's been a rough year doesn't mean there haven't been some good moments. Jurgen Klopp was hired. The crazy ass comeback against Norwich City happened. It's not all bad.

To help you forget about the sour moments and hold onto the good times, someone from r/LiverpoolFC put together this lovely montage of every LFC goal scored this season. From Philippe Coutinho's screamer against Stoke City all the way to...well, Philippe Coutinho's dramatic late equalizer against Manchester City in the Capital One Cup final. Every goal in order for your viewing pleasure. Forget about all the club's ills, sit back, relax, and enjoy the good moments of this season: