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Mamadou Sakho surprises Blaise Matuidi while cruising around Paris

Let's face it. Mamadou Sakho is pretty much the coolest guy on the face of the earth. Not only is he the club's best center back, but he's become a legend with the fans for his charitable work and overall awesomeness.

Sakho's social media prowess is quite amazing. He's constantly doing cool and fun things that involve the fans or the club. He further cemented himself in LFC social media lore over the past weekend.

With Liverpool having a rare off weekend, the defender took the chance to travel home to Paris to relax and wander about the city on his motorcyle/moped looking thingy. While driving around the city, he just happened upon Paris Saint-Germain midfielder (and one of the most underrated players in the world for my money) Blaise Matiudi on the street. Both of their reactions are simply priceless. Stay amazing, Mamadou.

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