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BREAKING NEWS: Martin Skrtel Has Hair

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The Transfer Window has come and gone and Liverpool's biggest acquistion was unveiled on Tuesday. Martin Skrtel acquired hair on a year-long loan. No word on the terms of the contract yet.

Experts are furiously debating how this move will affect Skrtel's form once he returns to action. Some pundits claim his new-found crop of locks could have a reverse Samson effect on his play. Others are optimistic about the possibilities the hair will present to the Reds' central defender.

Only time will tell how this move affects the player and the club as whole. The shocking signing has left the fan base at a complete loss for words and everyone on the edge of their seats awaiting Skrtel's return from injury which could happen very soon. A few supporters offered their concern that the defender would be unrecognizable on the field with his new look, we'll have to wait and see if those concerns are justified. Stay tuned to LFCOffside for further hair-related updates.