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Jamie Carragher Pokes Fun at Goodison Park on Instagram

The Liverpool vs. Everton derby knows no bounds. Former Reds great Jamie Carragher took this opportunity to make fun of their rival's home ground on Instagram.

I understand it's all about the rivalry and everything about Everton is supposed to be icky, but I really like Goodison Park. Sure it's old and doesn't hold the capacity of the big stadiums, but there's just something about it that makes watching a match there (on TV) enjoyable. The intimate environment just makes the atmosphere more intense, something that these bigger and more spacious stadiums lack.

This won't be a popular opinion around the LFC world, but it'll be sort of a sad day when they finally bulldoze Goodison Park for a bigger, shinier venue. Anfield vs. Goodison has been a staple of this fuming rivalry for many years. I don't like change, so they don't need a new stadium any time soon.

(h/t to r/LiverpoolFC)

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