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Teixeira Snaps Pic with Liverpool Fan and it Maybe Means Something

Alex Teixeira is totally signing for Liverpool because there's a picture of him smiling with a Liverpool fan.

Once upon a time, you woke up and learned your club had signed a player. Now, you wake up and learn your club is supposed to be signing a player because of that player's activity on social media. It's the madness of the transfer window, and if you can't stop it, you might as well embrace it.

For Liverpool fans wanting the latest on the potential signing of Shakhtar Donetsk attacker Alex Teixeira, the social media tea leaves have been plentiful, with the payer liberally favouriting a series of Instagram postings. Pictures of him with Philippe Coutinho. Pictures of him superimposed alongside Coutinho and Roberto Firmino. Pictures of him Photoshopped into a Liverpool kit. All favourited.

Today, another social media tea leaf: a smiling Teixeira with a Liverpool fan who got into Shakhtar's Florida training camp. There are even rumours he told the fan he was hopeful a deal would get done. Even if he didn't, he's leaning, and given Liverpool's history of having all their new signings lean that has to mean something. Right?

Right? Anyone...?


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