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Jürgen Klopp Celebrating in Slow Motion Set to the Baywatch Theme

Jürgen Klopp celebrated Liverpool's winner against Norwich. It's since been slowed down and set to the theme from Baywatch. Obviously.

Jürgen Klopp is excitable. Jürgen Klopp likes hugs. Jürgen Klopp likes it when his side wins football matches. Liverpool fans already well know this, but they haven't seen a celebration like the one against Norwich City on Saturday when he ran down the touchline to catch a leaping, shirtless Adam Lallana.

Klopp's glasses may not have survived—smacked off his head by Christian Benteke in the midst of the celebrations—but if Liverpool can go on to achieve anything of note this season it's a moment that will remembered for a long time to come. And now it's been put into slow motion and set to the theme from Baywatch. Because of course it has. Enjoy.

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