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Radio broadcast reaction to Joe Allen's equalizer vs. Arsenal

Sports are an emotional thing. For those at the venue in which the event takes place you have the surrounding environments to feel the emotion of big moments. For those not lucky enough to experience that first hand, you are likely forced to watch from a TV or listen from a radio. In this case it's the broadcasters who call the match who paint the picture for us.

So, in the dramatic instance of Joe Allen arriving in the box to smash home an equalizer against Arsenal in a six-goal thriller, the radio broadcasters were there to let us feel the emotion of such a elated moment. One of the most exciting moments of Liverpool's season, encapsulated by two broadcasters losing their minds over a great goal.

Perhaps in the moment we don't recognize or appreciate the broadcasters, but in retrospect their emotion and ecstasy lives on in future replays and brings our perspective back to the one moment in time like it's just happened. Give a listen for yourself to how the Liverpool radio broadcasters reacted and also hear from Joe Allen himself:

Joe Allen on his goal against Arsenal.

"I was screaming for Roberto to leave it." Joe Allen talks about last night's dramatic equaliser against Arsenal...

Posted by Liverpool FC on Thursday, January 14, 2016

via Liverpool's Facebook Page

Also, here's a video of ALL the goal calls. Thanks to Indy Red in the comments.

Match in a Minute: Arsenal

"What a screamer!" Relive the Reds' 3-3 draw with Arsenal through our official club commentary in Match in a Minute...

Posted by Liverpool FC on Wednesday, January 13, 2016

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