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The Sturridge Dance Looks A Lot Better in FIFA 16

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FIFA 16 is less than two weeks away! This year's edition features many new additions and improvements. These include things like no-touch dribbling, a drastically slowed down pace of play, and Bundesliga branding.

Perhaps the coolest new addition for Liverpool supporters to notice is the improvement in the "Sturridge dance". It's the trademark waving arms celebration that Daniel Sturridge made famous a few years ago during his amazing 2013-14 season.

In the past few years the celebration looked very robotic and really nothing at all like it does in real life. So, they completely overhauled the animation this year and now it looks fantastic. The demo for the game released yesterday and someone noticed the new animation and captured it.

That just looks so good. Scoring with Sturridge will feel even better now that his signature dance looks as realistic as this does. Who is excited for the game? What are you most looking forward to?