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Manchester United fan vows to get Liverpool tattoo for a good cause

Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images

Ten-year-old Robyn Smyth has been battling a rare form of childhood cancer called neuroblastoma for the last seven years. She previously had gone into remission but has since had a recurrence of the disease and needs to fly to the United States for treatment.

Now meet Mick O'Brien, a Manchester United supporter who has never met Robyn or her family. Even though Mick doesn't know them personally he can empathize with their situation as his daughter has leukemia but is thankfully in remission.

O'Brien has vowed to raise €20,000 to give to Robyn to help with her expenses. If he reaches his goal, the proud United fan has promised to do the unthinkable. He will brand his body with a permanent tattoo of the club he hates the most, Liverpool FC.

"Some of the lads I'm friends with are big Liverpool fans so I know they will be making donations and pushing for me to get the tattoo," Mick told the Irish Independent.

Click here to donate and make sure Mick gets the tattoo.

Click here to find out more about Robyn's battle.

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