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The loss to Crystal Palace is still making Jurgen Klopp drop 'F-bombs'

Never change, Jurgen...

The Jurgen Klopp era at Liverpool has gotten off to a predominantly smooth start. The club has already enjoyed massive away victories at Chelsea and Manchester City. However, the one noticeable blip on the radar is the Red's 2-1 loss at home to Crystal Palace early in November.

It was the first loss for the new manager at his new club and he's having a seriously hard time getting over it despite all the success he's seen so far.

In his pre-match press conference before taking on Southampton in the Captial One Cup, the German was his usual playful self. In a joking tone, he brought up how the defeat to Palace still eats at him to this day. Even going as far as dropping an 'F-bomb' making all the reporters crack up with laughter.

Jurgen, you beautiful, beautiful man. Never change. He's obviously a perfectionist at heart and won't settle for anything less that being great at Liverpool. That's great news for the club.

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