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Watch: Carragher and Neville analyze Liverpool's tactics vs. Manchester City

They're talking tactics

I know Gary Neville is unpopular around these parts, but it must be said. He is a fantastic football analyst for Sky Sports. He and Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher have teamed up to form quite the formidable partnership on television breaking down and discussing the most interesting things in the football world each week.

So, when Liverpool absolutely demolished Manchester City you just knew they'd be there to analyze it all. That they did in the best way anyone could.

Below is a 17-minute YouTube video of the duo discussing the 4-1 win by Jurgen Klopp's side at the Ethiad. If for some reason you can't sit through 17 minutes of great analysis here are some of the main points they make:

  • Liverpool's front three of Philippe Coutinho, Roberto Firmino, and Adam Lallana were the main key to breaking down the City back line with their great movement.
  • Their defensive aggressiveness is very helpful, but it isn't a foolproof system yet as holes opened up but weren't taken advantage of.
  • The narrow shape of the formation frustrated City and benefited LFC all match.
  • City's lackadaisical play on the ball was no match for LFC's intense pressure.

Watch the full video:

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