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Watch: Daniel Sturridge Talks His Love for Music and Football

Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Daniel Sturridge had a choice to make as a child. He had two passions. Football and Music. Does he pursue a career as a professional footballer? Or does he try to become a famous musician? It's obvious now what he chose, but Liverpool supporters should be thankful because he could've easily gone in the other direction.

It seems almost human nature in life that athletes want to be musicians, just like it's the same for musicians who want to be athletes.

During his rehab in Boston, LFC's star striker spent some time with VICE Sports to talk about his life growing up and the culture that surrounded him. He also speaks about the rough neighborhood environment that he lived in as a child and how he used music as an escape from the distracting surroundings. He credits music and football for helping him stay on the right path in life and hopes his message can reach kids out there that were like him.

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