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Watch: Sturridge, Milner, and Allen Take the James Bond Challenge

As the international break draaaags on we attempt to find something to entertain ourselves until the Premier League kicks back into high gear.

A new James Bond film was released earlier this month called "Spectre". All the rage lately has been the debate of who will replace current leading man Daniel Craig and become the new James bond? LFC TV decided to pick three Liverpool players and put them through a series of tests to see who would make for the best James Bond replacement.

Daniel Sturridge, James Milner, and Joe Allen were sealed into a room and were tasked with completing several Bond-themed challenges in order to escape. Hilarity ensues when Sturridge and Allen's shenanigans hinder the trio's efforts. While Milner is very concentrated on completing the task at hand.

Which player would be the most helpful in the competition? Would they make it out in time? And most importantly who is best qualified to be the next James Bond? Watch to find out:

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