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Jamie Carragher Boo'd at Old Trafford During Charity Match

Jamie Carragher retired from football in 2013 after spending his entire 18-year career with Liverpool. During his prime years, the club's rivalry with Manchester United was as fierce as it's ever been. Tensions between the two club's supporters and players reached a boiling point several times during that stretch of time.

In present day the rivalry is still a thing, but has tempered down from what it once was. Players like Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher helped fuel the animosity on-the-field. It's quite humorous now that they both work together with Sky Sports and are friendly. Proving that the heat of the battle is limited to the moment and not something that should be carried over into real life.

Nevertheless, Carragher returned to Old Trafford this weekend for a charity match held by David Beckham and played alongside the former England captain and old rivals Phil Neville and Paul Scholes. Former Liverpool players Michael Owen and Peter Crouch also featured on the Great Britain side.

At one point in the match the ball came to Carragher and was boo'd by the Old Trafford crowd. While it's impossible to know if it was banter for old time's sake or a serious insult, the former Liverpool skipper wasn't going to let it slide. Here's how he reacted:

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