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New Zealand Rugby Team Perform "Haka" Dance at Melwood

Sure...why not?

Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images

Newly-crowned rugby world champions New Zealand stopped by Liverpool's training ground on Wednesday for a meet and greet. The "All Blacks" are fresh off of their World Cup triumph over Australia. They defeated the Aussies by the score of 34-17 on the biggest stage for world rugby on October 31 to capture their third World Cup title since 1987.

The "All Blacks" are world-famous for their fantastic rugby skills, but may be even more known for their ritualistic pre and post match team dance called a "Haka". It is a traditional ancestral war cry, dance, or challenge from the Māori people of New Zealand.

On their apparent victory tour, the New Zealand rugby national team stopped by Melwood for some reason. And of course they were made to do their "Haka" dance because, I mean who wants to see a rugby show, I guess? Like gentlemen, the obliged and kindly showed off their awesome yet intimidating moves. Check it out for yourself:

Correction: Turns out we don't know our New Zealand rugby teams very well and that this is the rugby union side set to take on England this weekend rather than the rugby union side that just won the world championship. Our apologies to rugby fans and New Zealanders everywhere.

Tip of the cap to the comment section and Twitterer @JackSBW for bringing this to our attention.

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