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Watch: Klopp Calls Mourinho a "nice guy" with a Caveat

In his pre-match press conference today, Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp was asked to comment on his counterpart this weekend Jose Mourinho. The self-proclaimed "Special One" has had an illustrious career as football manager, but has recently hit some rough times with Chelsea this season.

Mourinho has always had a rocky relationship with the media and even some of his colleagues in the Premier League. His rivalry with Arsenal manager is a long and continuous battle that still exists today. But the vocal and charismatic Portuguese manager isn't hated by everyone. Former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson had a friendly relationship with Jose during their close battles in the Premier League. After every match, it was said that the two would share a glass of wine.

Perhaps we can add Klopp to the list of people who don't totally hate Jose Mourinho. He humorously told the press today that Jose can be a nice guy as long as you aren't a journalist or a referee. Watch below:

Jurgen Klopp on Jose Mourinho... Totally brilliant!

Posted by fanatix on Friday, October 30, 2015